Exotic Massages

Exotic Feeling – Coconut Oil Massage

The exotic fragrance awakens the senses and turns a full body massage into an amazing experience. The nutrients contained in the coconut oil penetrate the skin deeply and provide it with important vitamins and minerals. The skin is cared for and at the same time moisturized.

Treatment time: 55 minutes , Price: 65,00 €


Pantai Luar – Herbal Sachet Massage

Pantai-Luar means “on new shores” and describes a full body treatment based on a traditional East-Asian massage technique with warm herbal sachets and soothing oils. A Pantai massage serves to boost the immune system, detoxifies and produces a state of deep relaxation.

Treatment time: 60 minutes , Price: 75,00 €


Pantai-Luar Herbal Sachet Massage with additional special sachets for your face

Treatment time: 70 minutes , Price: 85,00 €

We recommend that you rest for at least 15 minutes after this treatment.



This treatment draws on ayurvedic massage techniques. Warm oil and fluid massage strokes from head to toe allow you to slip into a state of deep relaxation. The oil and massage serve to purify the body and stimulate new energy and vitality.

FOR THE BACK ONLY (Upanahasveda)

Treatment time: 60 minutes , Price: 75,00 €


Treatment time: 80 minutes , Price: 85,00 €


Treatment time: 90 minutes , Price: 95,00 €

FACE TREATMENT (Mukabhyanga)

Treatment time: 30 minutes , Price: 50,00 €

FOR YOUR FEETS (Padabhyanga)

Treatment time: 30 minutes , Price: 50,00 €



An all-encompassing full body massage with warm oils, long massage strokes mainly using the lower arm and gently loosening the joints. This massage serves to support the individual in times of stress and radical change, exhaustion and anxiety and to encourage further progress.

Treatment time: 60 minutes , Price: 70,00 €



Sweet Temptation – Enjoyment with NO Regrets

A chocolate oil massage brings warmth and a sense of security and promotes joie de vivre. It lifts the spirits and brightens the soul. Relax and feel good with one of these massages and when it has finished, enjoy the fragrance and a velvet-soft skin.

Treatment time: 55 minutes , Price: 65,00 €