Feel-Good Wellness Massages

bild verwoehntage

The classic massage eases muscle tension and stimulates the body in an agreeable way.

The circulation is improved.

Toxins are dispersed.

A gentle and direct path towards greater well-being and vitality.


Back massage with aromatic oils

Treatment time: 30 minutes , Price: 40,00 €


Deluxe Back Massage with Aromatic Oils

Treatment time: 40 minutes , Price: 50,00 €


Full-Body Massage with Aromatic Oils

Treatment time: 60 minutes , Price: 65,00 €


Hot Stone Therapy

In hot stone therapy, 56 degree hot basalt stones are placed on the body’s energy points.

The hot stone massage produces a sense of deep relaxation. The treatment furthers the circulation and metabolism as well as loosening the muscles.

Treatment time: 60 minutes , Price: 70,00 €


Thalasso Programm

The treatment begins with a full body sea salt exfoliation. Mineral salts and Dead Sea trace elements promote the detoxification of the body and make it firmer. After a warm shower we spoil you with a full body massage. You can choose a skin-toning oil or an aromatic oil.

Treatment time: 90 minutes , Price: 90,00 €

Thalasso Programme with additional facial exfoliation and facial massage

Treatment time: 100 minutes ,  Price: 95,00 €


Sweet Temptation – Enjoy Chocolate Oil without feeling remorseful

A chocolate massage offers warmth and vitality. It strenghtens the immune system and transfers a pleasant effect to our soul.

Treatment time: 100 minutes , Price: 55,00 €